Growing up in England, author Abby McDonald longed to have an American-style prom experience. But when she talked to teens as research for her latest novel, The Anti-Prom, she found that instead of being excited about their upcoming proms, many of them felt all kinds of pressure about the event.

Author Abby McDonald

“From worrying about the cost of outfits and photos, to feeling pressure about the dating and party side of things, prom equalled a huge amount of stress,” she says. “Some didn’t even feel welcome at the more traditional, school-sponsored events – like prom was something just for the popular kids, and not them and their friends.

I decided to set up PROMyourway.com to encourage a ‘prom-positive’ message, and help teens┬ámake prom an experience that matters to THEM. You don’t need to buy into the stereotypical image to have a good time – prom can be whatever you want it to be : a way to give back to your community; a force for social change, and – yes – an amazing party where everyone’s invited!”